What is a Hookat?

To be honest, I do not know. It might be an owl, or a cat. Or a Kodak. The owls are not what they seem anyway, and they do hunt mice. For all we know they can be cats who one day decided to fly.

On a more serious note, I could write a lengthy essay that you wouldn’t read. Or I can simply tell you there were times I used to do exciting things in the events industry, photography perhaps being the least exciting of them.

Then the world decided to stop just after I’d moved into a big city full of opportunities for a guy like me. So it goes.

Bristol-based, eager for new experiences. Drop me a line at hi@hookatstudio.com

What People Said

Igor captured the essence and vibe of our events. Truly an artist!

Nate Darmanin, Residency

Awesome photographer! We love working with Igor and recommend him to anyone!

Ben Vincenti, Trackage Scheme

We chose Igor for his creative eye. Always manages to capture the essence of the event.

Julian Galea, Sick of Ants